Word up/Eye shut

Yeah, I got poison ivy all over the place, including my eyelid. It’s starting to swell shut. I’m excited about that. Since it’s on my face, perhaps I won’t try to suffer through it without going to the doctor.

Here’s some new words being added to the Merriam-Webster Collegiate dictionary, though some are pretty old:

01. body wrap (noun)

02. clafouti (noun) dessert

03. digital subscriber line (noun)

04. dream catcher (noun)

05. information technology (noun)

06. lossless (adjective)

07. MPEG (noun)

08. MP3 (noun)

09. pleather (noun)

10. teensploitation (noun)

11. extension (noun) : a series of characters following a dot at the end of the name of a computer file

… and strangely enough, we just had a recipe for clafouti in the paper today.

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