$10 figures?

I’m really itchy. Gonna call the doctor in the morning. — Drinkin’ peach tea. We hit Panera Bread for dinner before gettin’ groceries tonight. Seafood bisque and a sammich.

Saw some of the new Star Wars figures tonight that are selling for $10 each (EXAMPLES) … I can’t do $10 for a regular 5-inch action figure. They are cool, card backs are all vintage looking and they come in a plastic shell. I just don’t think I can do it, though. I hope they go on sale or something. Geez. The 12-inch figures are $30. It’s just not right, I tell ya.

My friend Larry’s coming down to J’ville tomorrow to look at apartments. Hopefully I’ll see him a bit. I kinda already called Ultimate off because it sounded like people were going to be busy and my damn rash.

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