what did I just eat?

So my Korean host says, lets out out for bar-bq korean style.  It was all harmless until a plate of writhing stuff is dropped on the table.  Live Octopus pieces!  So I try it of course, and after a few times of fighting the squirmy thing off of the plate and down the hatch, I swear I can feel it in my stomach.  Good thing we drank enough Soju and beer to kill a horse.

Well the fun didn’t end in Korea.  I have also eaten in the second week:  Dried whole fish, squid,fish eggs,fish with skin on as it is picked off of the whole fish, eel.  I should have kept a log book with the camera.

I’m ready for pizza now.  I never thought I would be looking forward to going back to America, not for the food anyhow.

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