Wall paint

Looks like the mural along McEntire’s store on Broadway is getting a major repainting/refurbishing starting next week. Reportedly, vintage signs on 10 walls throughout town are getting repainted. Cool. I wish J’ville had more public art. I wish every town had more public art, for that matter. I was just talking to Steve Varble about that last night.

Speaking of walls and paint, Julie and Erin up and decided to paint our kitchen earlier this week. The got busy on it and got one coat on, then Julie put a second coat on later. The bottom of the wall might need one more to keep the blue from showing through. Plus I have a couple cracks to patch and paint.

Also looks like Blogger’s changing/upgrading the back-end interface side of things more, including a new composing window and keyboard shortcuts. Kinda neat.

Well, I better get back to work; I thought I’d just take a tiny break.

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