Damages and estimates

At noon the wife and I drove to the wrecking place to see our RECOVERED stolen car.

The 15 year old kids attempted to pimp out my ride by putting those stupid bullet hole stickers on my car.

All of our CDs were gone, but a bunch of their pirate music was left on CD-R media in our car. The kiddies also left 2 radar detectors, a pocket knife, a rear-view mirror mounted air freshener, a leather coin purse with 3 cents, a box of fuses, a bottle of new car smell spray, and 2 pairs of sunglasses. I was happy to see that our folding chairs were still in the trunk and that they didn’t smoke in our car (no odor and the ashtrays were clean). Also, the speakers seem to be in working order (though the music they left me to test them with was questionable).

Nowhere to be found were my service receipts (I kept those in the glove box), the owners manual, the registration and license plate were gone (The cop told me that the kids took a bunch of plates from other cars and switched them around), some clothing returns that were in the trunk, and the spare change organizer in the center console was empty.

There was a major scrape on the front driver-side bumper (they hit something white), a significant ding on the passenger side door, and several smaller scratches on each of the 4 doors. There were also 2 missing lug-nuts, one from each front tire. There were crumbs and dirt on the center console and front floor mats. (We kept the car immaculate, so to see all of this was mildly disturbing).

We first had to go get a new license plate so that we could drive the car from the wrecking yard. That took about an hour, but we now have new plates and registration. Then we paid the wrecking place ($181.50) and took the car to the closest GM dealership to get an estimate on the repairs. It was just an estimate, but it is currently at $1,700. The insurance company is scheduled to go look at the car at the dealership and give the OK for them to move forward with repairs.

Hopefully by this time next week, we’ll have a fixed and cleaned car back!

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