Deteriorating pillow

Today we slept in and lounged around the hotel til check-out time (noon). Then we went into town for one last adventure. We went to the International Spy “Museum”, which ended up being kind of a tourist trap. It was too expensive for what it was and while convenient to see all of the video in one place, it felt as if I’d seen it all on the History Channel previously. The themed “exhibits” were well done stylistically. Overall, I think kids would have a much better time than adults.

We ate lunch at a local brewery, which had pretty tasty BBQ sandwiches. But we hadn’t killed enough time yet before our flight. So since we were in the area, we visited the Ford Theater and also the house across the street where Lincoln died. I asked the guy where the bloody pillow had gone (because I remember taking a picture of it from our ’93 Band Trip) and the guide said that it was deteriorating too much and had to be removed about 8 years ago. (The bed where he died currently has fresh clean pillows).

We stopped into the Hard Rock Cafe for a second (to try and gather directions to some of the panda statues). The panda statues are like the cows in Chicago, where different artist renditions are strewn throughout the city. We walked around looking at the pandas to waste some time.

Eventually, we went back to the hotel, picked up our bags that were checked at the front desk, and grabbed the metro to the airport. We ate dinner there and shopped the little airport shops only to discover that our flight was delayed another 2 hours! We’re home now at 3:00 AM.

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