Aluminum cap

Today was another busy day in D.C.. We picked up a ticket to go to the top of the Washington Monument first thing in the morning (we got a ticket for 1:30). Then we headed to the Museum of Natural History. We didn’t enjoy it as much as the American History. It had lots of animals and dinosaurs… but we did like seeing the minerals and jewels (Hope Diamond has a new display case since last I saw it).

We still had time to kill before returning to the Washington Monument, so we stopped to grab a snack (Gelato again, we’re finding it everywhere… must be a new trend) and also took a look through the Freer Art Museum (Featuring art from Asia).

At 1:30 we were able to take a trip to the top of Washington Monument, which I learned was capped in aluminum (a rare metal at the time). Aluminum was picked because it would not rust and it could also act as a lightning rod. The view from the top was good, but really crowded with fellow tourists.

After the monument, we headed back to the hotel. We picked up a fresh battery for the digital camera and then headed out to Arlington Cemetery. We saw the highlights (Unknown Soldier and Kennedy flame) and then got back on the train toward Ballston.

At Ballston we ate at Rock Bottom (its a chain, but we liked it since we don’t have one near us in Florida). Right after eating, Jantina found a shoe repair shop nearby and asked them to punch an extra hole in her belt. She had been annoyed with the new belt for a few days. So the guy punched a new hole, so she could make the belt tighter, free of charge!

Tomorrow is our last day here. We are both tired and saw a lot. We are trying to fit in a few more things tomorrow before our flight. I’ll be sure to post some pictures too.

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