Cool as ice

Bought a new fridge yesterday. I think it comes Friday. I think we got a decent price (little over $500) and decent features. If we can get the water hookup, we can use the icemaker. Not sure how to do that without spending a lot. I hope we can sell the current one for a little bit instead of having to give it away or -gasp- throw it away (I can’t do it).

We had a visitor from Virginia today at Ultimate. She said she is in town every once in a while, so she’ll try to come back sometime.

Utini’s going to the vet next week for his one-year checkup and shots. It will be fun to see how he reacts to the doctor this time, because when he was little he was so good. Nowadays he acts up a little when we try to cut his nails or clean his ears or whatever. Maybe he’ll still be good with the doctor, though.

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