4th Holiday

Today was packed full of fun!

We started the day with a Fourth-of-July-themed worship service at church. After church, we went with most of our home team friends to eat BBQ at Sonny’s for lunch. There were eight of us, and the hostess said they only had a booth for six, and they didn’t have a chair to add to the end of the table to make it more comfortable. So my wife, asked if we could bring in our own chair. The hostess decided that wasn’t against the rules or anything. So I retrieved a folding chair from the trunk of our car and brought it in (can’t say I’ve ever done that before).

After getting stuffed, we headed over to the Loews Theatre to watch “Spider-Man 2”! We all got to sit together and had a great time. The show has a lot of great humor in it, and the transitions between computer generated Spidey and Toby were well done. I really loved the Sour Patch Watermellons I ate while watching “Spider-Man 2.”

Once our movie let out, we went over to Scott and Aby’s to hang out. They happen to be baby-sitting a new litter of baby chiwawas, so we had to go over to hold them of course. While we did that, my wife looked through furniture and decorating catalogs (we’re getting excited about moving to our new townhouse). We also watched some fireworks on TV (DC and New York celebrations).

On the drive home, we saw Universal Studio’s fireworks finale, which was awesome. It was interesting to see people pulled to the sides of the roads and in lawn chairs in the strangest places to watch them … like the small patch of grass between the Walgreens parking lot and the street.

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