Less-horrific car problems

My car suddenly stopped running right. In the morning, I’m hoping to run into the guy at work who knows cars and see if he recognizes the problem. When the car idles, it sort of revs, almost dies, revs, almost dies, etc. I didn’t notice it on the way home this morning or even in the afternoon when I came home for lunch. But after work I noticed it almost right away. Glad I didn’t get stranded in Springfield. I’m pretty sure this is some sort of direct result of Troy’s car problems.

Ran into Varble on his bike as I was leaving work. Turns out that a city crew tore the sidewalk in front of his house out, trapping his car in his driveway. So he was biking it around town.

PLAYING: ULTIMATE I didn’t wear my ankle brace tonight. By the end of the night I could feel it about to give out. But it didn’t. We also played a quick game of Cower and some other game that Clark likes. I want to say it’s called Sky, but I’m not sure. Looks like we’re calling off Sunday’s practice.

WATCHING: CRIMINAL LAW (1988) starring Gary Oldman and Kevin Bacon. When I got home from the game, I found Julie over at Maria’s house. I rode my bike over and watched the rest of the movie with them and a little bit of Blackadder on BBCAmerica. Wicked funny. I want all the cool channels.

LISTENING TO: Yeah Yeah Yeahs “Fever To Tell,” and Hellogoodbye EP.

Trying to figure out how to squeeze in “Spider-Man 2” and “Kill Bill: Vol.2” (2nd run theater) this week, as well as trying to see “Kill Bill: Vol.1” before seeing Vol.2.

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