Sill-y pictures

I guess I got Jess thinking about the stuff on her window sill. She posted pics HERE. So I join the fun with this one from my work window that isn’t an outside window, but it’s the best I got.

Jess: I’m not sure who the figure on the left is, so that might change things, but just looking at it I had a whole story of a giant rampaging mutant broccoli.

Guido: The soldier to the left knows the giant rampaging broccoli is just scared and doesn’t really mean any harm, so he wants to protect the broccoli … they have a special unspoken bond.

Jess: Well, that’s nice.

Jess: Giant broccoli probably don’t have many options when it comes to friends.

Guido: Yes, they probably take what they can get.

Guido: Do you think the broccoli has a name?

Jess: Most definitely.

Jess: Maybe Clyde.

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