Night’s doings

LISTENING TO: Turin Brakes “Ether Song,” Death Cab For Cutie “Transatlanticism,” Starsailor “Slience Is Easy” and some other stuff I can’t remember.

COMIC SERVICE: I picked up my comic book subscription after not going for a month and a half. After weeding some things out, the bill came to a mind-numbing $150. Gak! Despite that bill, I highly recommend Comic Service, 1000 E. Stanford Ave., Springfield, Ill. –> 217-753-0109 –> Tell Jim that Guido sent you.

DINNER: D’arcy’s Pint: Delux Ponyshoe (that’s hamburger, onions, bacon bits) & Black Velvet (the drink, not the cake)

BOWLING: 96 (ick) & 130 (eh, better)

How’s Impotent Potentate for a band name? Maybe somethingelse Potentate. Any ideas?

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