I’m anxious to see fuzzycouch.com in the new Safari RSS in Tiger. The new browser will detect rss and atom feeds allowing search for timely news items to be pretty instantaneous.

The visual scripting for automating repetetive tasks for non-programmers looks really awesome. You can build with “Automater” a script that says “on this webpage, grab all of the images, import them into iphoto as a new album named “My pictures” then export them to iDVD, add these transitions and create a screensaver. All with a simple graphical interface.

The other realy cool app is the new iChat. It will allow 10 people audio chatting over the net, or up to 3 others video conferenceing. And the interface is really slick.

The full keynote is on Apple’s World Wide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) website. VIDEO HERE

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