Weekend getaway

OK! Weekend recap. Sorry this is so long, but I gotta write it down if I want to remember. 🙂

Julie and I drove up to Lincoln Friday night. Erin, Julie and I all left Lincoln the next morning up I-55, grabbed some fast food along the highway for lunch and continued on I-55. We didn’t stop again until we were at 900 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago.

I was driving in downtown Chicago (yikes!) and I probably would have freaked out if I had continued much further. We were looking for the MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART (MCA) and thought we were pretty close so I pulled in one of the first parking garages I saw. Turned out to be the parking garage connected to the 900 N. Michigan Shops building.

We walked the few blocks over to the MCA and spend a big chunk of the day there. Lots of good stuff. A huge Chuck Close portrait … always nice to see. There was a nice show of Chicago-based artists. There was a neat, huge piece right inside the front door by Brazilian artist José Damasceno called Observation Plan, a scene depicting several figures looking at artwork (to make viewers aware of themselves looking at art) using approximately 30,000 yellow no. 2 pencils stuck into the wall. There was a small collection of Alexander Calder pieces. There was a fairly wacky installation-type piece called CarianaCarianne comprised of letters, legal documents, videos, photographs, and other objects CarianaCarianne demonstrates how legally changing her name is the first step towards public recognition of her two selves co-existing in one body.

Anyway, we then started walking towards the House of Blues, but then I remembered we didn’t have our concert tickets. We trekked back to the car and got them, Erin called around and found a play to go to, then we took off walking again. We stopped at a deep-dish pizza place, but the wait was long, so we kept walking and came across another pizza place, Pizzaria Uno (Due). They said the wait should be more like 25 minutes, so we put our name in there. Ended up taking us a couple hours to get in, get the food and eat.

So we were late for the concert — missed The Rouge Wave but caught all of the second opener, The Glands. We all jumped in a cab and got to the HOB quick. Erin continued on to her play which ended up being way up north a ways. Julie and I went into the concert and it was pretty packed. We missed the line, at least, and were able to walk right in. We couldn’t get very close without budging, so we found an OK spot and waited for the Shins to play. And they did.

We cabbed it back up to North Michigan, met Erin at the car and made our way out to our hotel out in the burbs (cheapish).

DAY TWO: Sunday we spent a large chunk of time at the MUSEUM OF SCIENCE AND INDUSTRY, including the special show “Action! An Adventure in Moviemaking.” Where we made a goofy faux trailer for a non-existent movie. I have a copy of it … maybe I’ll upload it to somewhere and post it here. It’s pretty lame. We also saw the blues exhibit and some other stuff then took off towards Clark Street. We found the comedy club we wanted to go to, the block just south of Wrigley Field, and parked a few blocks away. We noticed Penny’s Noodle Bowl right across the street and ate dinner there. We shared some Tom Yum and I had the spicy Pepper Noodle.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but RONNIE “WOO WOO” WICKERS was sitting right behind me at the restaurant. This other guy kept saying “woo woo” and this couple’s dog, which was otherwise being quite, would bark. This guy got a kick out of it and kept saying “woo woo” every once in a while. Julie thought the couple was getting kinda upset, understandably.

We made our way to the improv club, THE IMPROV OLYMPIC and saw a show made up of three improv groups which each had around a 30 minutes on stage, and a couple bits they did as one huge group. The groups were: CHATTERBOX (good, but a little rough), RATTLESNAKE HIGH SCHOOL (very good) and Valhalla (very, very good).

Back to the hotel. Sleep. DAY THREE: Power was out at the hotel when I woke up — and stayed that way. Not sure what was going on and I didn’t ask. We checked out around 11:30 a.m. Monday and I was feeling a little oogie from sinus headache and maybe something else. We found our way to Ikea and bought a new chair and some cookies. Then we ate at JOE’S CRAB SHACK — I tried the BBQ 1 1/4-pound Dungeness Crab on Caitlin’s recommendation. It was quite good, but it took me a good hour to eat the whole thing. I displayed no efficiency, but lots of endurance in the crab-eating.

Then we headed home. Oh, and on the way home I found a bunch of Star Wars figures I have been looking for. Rock. Expensive weekend, though.

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