Strike & spare

Went bowling with Erin on Friday and again yesterday. My high score was 135 and all four recent games were well above 100. That’s usually my goal, to break 100. Before we went bowling, I mowed the lawn and Julie and I went to Panera Bread for lunch. We met up with Erin for “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.” Then after bowling, we ate at Olive Garden. Stuffed silly — why do I always do that? Finally watched “The Devil’s Backbone” all the way through last night. I’ll add the two movies to my 2004 MOVIE LIST. Oh, and we threw the bedroom air conditioner in the window last night.

Had to work Sunday, so I missed Ultimate for the first time in a while. I haven’t heard how it went. The Jacksonville game is tonight. I haven’t looked what the weather is supposed to be like yet. — Ah, 30 percent chance of showers. Not too bad.

I heard some weird scanner traffic Sunday night and got a reporter and photog to go check it out, but they didn’t find much. But today there is a story. “Large crowd gets out of hand: Parents allegedly using children as shields from pepper spray.”

I’m sorta disappointed that the Supreme Court avoided the church/state pledge issue in their ruling yesterday. LINK: WASHINGTON POST

YAHOO! MAIL has been overhauled as of today, I noticed when I logged in this morning. Upgrades: Streamlined interface, 100MB of email storage, Message size up to 10MB. Appreciated. I went from using 60 percent of 6MB of space to 4 percent of 100MB of space.

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