Mega whatthewhosits

I have actually been at home, not on a plane for about 1 month now. I think it is a record. I’m still on my way to become super platnium or some crap. I better get some free stuff for this.

I have had the wireless network in the house for some time for the work laptop, but in a mad frenzy and a great sale at Best Buy, I purchased a card for the desktop. I can finally arrange my office without the constraint of a phone line for the DSL. By the way I am too cheap for cable. It is really nice. After about an hour of patching into the phone line and re-wiring my basement I was hooked up. The card is actually faster than the standard 10/100 card from Dell. I also upgraded the RAM and am finally happy with the PC. It was still cheaper than anywhere else. As we know I’m cheap.

Another batch of beer is in the works. This is a wheat beer and should be ready in a few weeks. I promised a co-worker that if she finally had her housewarming party that I would provide some gallonage of beer, so this is it. It better be good or I’m buying a keg.

I’m sorry I missed Ryan’s wedding. It would only have been a 12 hour drive or something. it is harsh being stuck here sometimes. Even though you have job you like in a city you love, nothing beats being able to see the people you care about on a regular basis, or any basis.

Shine on you crazy diamonds. I need to crash, but too much in the old cabeza.

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