Our power was just restored around 8 p.m. today. That’s 32 hours without juice, I think.

Update: (05/27/2004, 9:30 a.m.)

“And how bad does the fridge smell?,” asks Becky.

We didn’t leave everything in there. I took a box full of stuff to one of the fridges at my office and Julie took several bags of stuff to her co-worker’s house Tuesday. That’s how I had an ice cream sandwich for breakfast yesterday and right now. 🙂 We did leave some stuff we thought might make it. Some did and some didn’t. We went through and pitched stuff last night when we got home. The worst mess was the bag of raspberries that spilled all over the fridge’s freezer. But it cleaned up quick. There are some burritos I should eat today. There were several bags of veggies that didn’t make it. Poor guys.

Since we didn’t have any power, we went over to Maria’s to watch a movie we rented — “The Waiting” — but as soon as we got something to drink and the dogs settled down and got past the ads, the power goes out there. We went outside and found others from the neighborhood out there. Turns out they turned it off for a bit while they patched the area of town I live in back into the system. Yippie. So Maria’s power came back on and we watched the movie and ordered Leo’s. Good times.

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