How would you explain it?

    Troy: Do you remember asking me how I would explain my scar if ever I was a movie star?

    Guido: hmm … not exactly, but continue.

    Troy: (you used Indiana Jones as an example)

    Guido: yes

    Troy: I was just remembering that I said I would be in a sci-fi film (but not a robot) exploring the strange planet’s surface.. and as I reached down to pick up a rock sample, it would turn out to be very spongy and filled with acid. The acid would have squirted across my chin, causing the scar.

    Troy: I’m not sure that makes sense though, because I should have a helmet on if it were a strange planet.

    Guido: not if someone determined it had breathable air … this sounds familiar

    Troy: why do I remember these conversations?

    Guido: The real question is why don’t I remember these things.

    Troy: lol, my wife thinks I have freaky memory

    Guido: could be

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