Class clown

CLASSMATES now lets one add a “then” and “now” photo to your profile for free now. I added a couple, on Wednesday, that amused me. They’ve expanded the free offerings quite a bit since they started up. In my little dream world, I sorta wish we’d just set up a little LCHS Class of 1993 site, but I sure don’t have the time and energy to do it.

My throat’s still messed up, so I think I’m going to have to sleep in one of the other bedrooms tonight, so I don’t keep Julie up again.

“Big Sexy” came to Ultimate yesterday, visiting from Kirksville, Mo. It’s incouraging (dare I say inspiring) to see his hustle. He’s only in town this week, so it was nice while it lasted. It’s still frustrating to get seven peeps coming out (I don’t generally like playing with less than four-on-four), but we ended up playing Goaltimate and making the best of the super-humidity and tall grass. For the historical record, gas is now about $2.05 in Springfield and probably higher in Jacksonville, though I haven’t looked. Makes driving the 30-40 minutes to Springpatch even less exciting.

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