Well, our upstairs neighbor is moving out. When they moved in, we immediately noticed a increased noise level. There was what sounded like a baby elephant running from one end of the apartment to the other. The first time it happened, Jantina went up to gather an explanation for the rampage. She was promptly told by the new tenant that “if you heard the noise, then you obviously should have heard me yelling to correct my son” No such correction was heard. I believe this to be because the force of her “alleged” yelling would not normally be directly transfered to our floor as was the young boy’s running.

At the end of that week, I returned home and heard for myself the ruckus above. It lasted for hours. At 10 o’clock I decided to go meet our new neighbor. I knocked on the door. I knocked on the door again. Finally I was greeted by a three-foot-tall boy with a plastic sword in his right hand and a make-shift cape affixed about his shoulders. He did not say anything; He just looked at me. I looked past him into the living room, looking for any sign of adult life.

This is when “she” decided to lift herself off of the couch to investigate the newfound silence. Her eyes caught mine as I waited in the doorway. She smiled, shrugged and said “he’s 7 years old.” I asked, “when’s his bed-time?” to which she replied, “10 … on weekdays. He does not have a bedtime on the weekend.” She followed up, “if you notice during the week, he’s always in bed by 10.” I was unprepared to discuss 7-year-old bed times, so I simply said “OK” and left.

The noise continued. Jantina and I began looking for a new apartment. The ideal to be a townhouse-style, like we had in Aurora. No one above or below us. We found a great place, but our lease was not up until August and they would not know about availability until we got much closer to the date. Well, “closer” ended up being a couple of weeks ago. We filled out the application and received word last week that we were all set. We have our new address secured and have something to look forward to!

On Friday, I went down to our current apartment’s office to fill out an “intent to vacate” form. The manager asked for my apartment number and then asked why I was moving out. “You are probably aware of our complaints,” I said. He thought about it for a second and in a gesture with his hands, counted where our unit was. His eyes lit up, “the noise above you, right?” I affirmed his summation. Then he grabbed his brow and shook his head.

“Oh no! That tenant has caused us so many problems … I can’t believe that now she is costing us a very good tenant!” he said. “They are actually moving out today or tomorrow”.

Not that I was going to change my mind about our new place, but I prodded anyway, “Oh really? They’re moving out?” to which he volunteered, “Well yes, as soon as the Sheriff comes.”

Today my wife came home to them packing in the parking lot. We were somewhat sad to hear they were loosing the roof over their head. And I’m sure it was a sad sight to see them packing out there. As my wife collected our mail and crossed the parking lot, the woman said to her son “There’s ‘prissy prissy'” and there was no mistake it was directed at my wife. All sympathy .. OUT THE WINDOW!

We should have a lovely last few weeks at our current place, and we are really excited about the new one!

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