$100 of Ultimate

So I placed an order with DISC SHOPPE for 10 discs and an Ultimate DVD. Total: $98! Yikes. The good news is that I’m selling the discs to whoever wants a disc semi-cheap. I might keep one if there is a design I like.

I’m rather damp. Got soaked silly at Ultimate practice today, but that’s OK. I just wish more people would come get soaked with me. I had been hoping to go to one of the two tournaments this weekend (Mayfest in Kansas City that I went to last year or Drazba Memorial in Carbondale that I’ve been to thrice) but family get-together that I can’t pass up came together.

On top of the discshoppe bill, I picked up my comics subscription today after practice and I guess I hadn’t been there in a few weeks. My bill there was $85. I need to get reading or I’ll fall seriously behind. Some comic book related links I want to remember:



DEREK KIRK KIM – read “Same Difference,” available on his site. It’s quite nice. I ordered the new printing of it, due out this month.

TIME COLUMN about “Same Difference.”

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