On my way

Pups kindly let me catch up on my sleep. My eyes were starting to spasm the last few days. I’m much better now. We’ve got to figure out a schedule for tomorrow — including doing something for Mother’s Day, going to Ultimate, finding somewhere where the dogs can be while we do the previous two things, checking on the new bug with MS Word that mom discovered yesterday.

I got a nice blister from mowing the lawn this morning. I think some of the seeding I did last year actually too hold. I’ve been noticing how many whirly gigs this tree in my yard produces. My gutter screens are full of ’em. Grrr.

I got the DVD (“The Devil’s Backbone”) in the mail today from Steve that I got in exchange for my extra Gmail invite. I’m both surpised and pleased that the posting here caught someone’s attention. The Web is a strange creature.

Gotta get ready for work … fast … and get some food … fast. Must … stop … blogging.

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