IPA is ready

So, the IPA is ready to get bottled this weekend. I can’t wait! I’m going to have some in the keg so that I don’t have to wait too long for the carbonation. I’ll post again after the tasting. I actually measured the initial density so I’ll have an idea of the alcohol concentration. I’m concerned that the intial reading could have been off due to sediment in suspension. We’ll see. It will still be excellent.

Just came back from Frisco today. Sort of getting sick of the excessive travel. Tired of being so far from Chicago and the flatlands. So, what to do? I do enjoy heading off to the wine country, too bad I don’t get to get any wine, stuck in the plant. I have to be in Wisconsin Friday the 14th for a 20-30 hour run. How great is that! What the hell! And then it will be back to Korea sometime in June after a couple more trips to frisco and WI. Sort of grumpy now.

Anyone enjoying Cinco de Mayo? We have an excellent festival this weekend that I plan to go to. Tacos and cervesa, YES!

Chuck and Miki are officially married. I was there. It was a great time for all and Charlie suffered through the all the attention and talking. It was nice though. Plus, I got to see the nieces and nephew. We didn’t get too crazy. There was a lot of dancing and beer was flowing. My tux was returned in a giant ball, didn’t feel like hanging it. OOh, that candelabra was NOT taken by me, I found it in the hall.

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