Going public

Josh has a new column:

The Best (and Worst) of St. Louis’ Public Art — The shadow of the Arch looms large over St. Louis and tends to crowd out the rest of the city’s surprisingly plentiful public art. It doesn’t help that most of the good stuff is either tucked away in a small corner or subtly goes unnoticed, like the stalwart hippo keeping vigil over Washington and 16th or the painted traffic boxes scattered throughout Clayton and the CWE.

You might have your favorite piece (I understand that aesthetic tastes can vary), but bad location is invariably detrimental for the work (sorry, Ernest Trova, but anything in an office plaza inevitably gets saddled with the negative descriptor “corporate”). Ditch the guidebooks; here’s a list of the best (and worst) public artwork in greater St. Louis, all of which can be seen without special permission or pesky admission fees.


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