Dent removal

I had a filling in a wisdom tooth fall out while eating dinner with mom and Julie at First Wok a while back (maybe a month ago). My dentist appointment just rolled around today; always takes a while to get in there — must be a busy guy. I like my dentist’s demeanor a lot — reassuring. If I didn’t, I’d probably try to find someone with a shorter wait. He’s careful and always lets you know what he’s doing. It’s as pleasant as I can imagine a dentist visit being. I may have a slight dentist phobia — I get anxious about it every time. It’s partially the pain, but combined with the smell if burning and the cracking sounds and the drilling sounds and … guh, I’m making my self ill just thinking about it.

He found the damaged area was close to the nerve. Since the tooth doesn’t have a match on the bottom, he decided it might be best to take it out. So I’m down another tooth — and down to one wisdom tooth (though I think only two ever came in). I guess it wasn’t really doing much back there. It’s probably for the best. I was wondering beforehand if he might want to pull it. I was sorta surprised he went ahead and did it today. I thought I would have to go back. Hopefully it will be easier to brush now.

Update: Ooh. The anesthetic wore off and, golly, my jaw smarts.

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