Going to Miami

Scott and I drove to Miami Friday afternoon. It took about 5 hours though we did stop for lunch, and fuel/coffee, and ran into 2 heavy traffic places. We met the girls in Miami around 5ish. For the rest of Friday we hung out around the house, had some barbecue chicken out on the patio, and had planned on using the hot tub, but a thunderstorm rolled in so we stayed indoors the rest of the night.

Saturday we started with breakfast at a place called “The Muffin Tin” with Jamie’s Mom then headed to the beach. All of us got a bit sun-burnt, and I lost my sunglasses to a surprise wave while playing in the surf. We snagged an awesome milkshake at a road-side fruit stand and then headed to South Beach for dinner. We ate at TAVERNA OPA. It is a Greek restaurant with excellent food, very loud music, and crazy dancing. Waiters dancing around the perimeter, patron’s dancing on their tables, and napkins filled the air, confetti-like. It was a unique experience. We then walked down the street, grabbed some coffee, some gelato, and found a sunglass shop. It usually takes me a while to pick out sunglasses. Luckily, the last time I had to do all of the research, I noted the brand and style. So finding REPLACEMENTS this time was a snap and took all of 5 minutes, rather than my usual week-long project.

Sunday we went to Jamie’s church, which was packed, standing room only. Afterwards we went to see Jamie’s dad’s new boat which was very nice. Then it was time to pack up and head home. Back in Orlando now, catching up on Tivo and finishing laundry so that I can pack for tomorrow’s early morning business flight to Philadelphia. Though I can’t get the chorus of Big Willie’s SONG out of my head.

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