Rain day

Julie’s watching Zipper today and has Utini and Bindi with her up in Lincoln. Mom and Dad are meeting up with my Aunt Linda, who is visiting the area. I was planning to mow today, but the rain has plotted against me. I should probably find something else to do, but I’m quickly running out of time. I’ll probably just shower, find some food and go to work.

I’m adding “Secret Window” to my movie list. We saw it last night in Springfield. Suspense movies and I don’t get along well. 😦

I really enjoyed This American Life last night. There were four stories: A guy who stopped producing testosterone, a woman who started taking testosterone injections and became a man, the This American Life staff measured their own testosterone levels, and a mother talking about her relationship to her teenage son. I missed the third one somehow … I guess I spaced out. But the others were all great.

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