Archive | April 2004

G wiz

Oooh. I just got a GMAIL ACCOUNT. I told a coworker, all excited like, and he looked at me like I was an idiot. Then he called me an idiot. I told him how much storage it offers — 1 Gig — and his eyes got really big. I was bummed to find that your user names has to be at least six letters — one letter more than “guido,” so I went with “utinni.”

Ultimate last night — only two others showed up thought it was nice out. Grrr. We threw around for an hour and 15 anyway.

We’re planning to see “Shattered Glass” tonight at the film series (– fingers crossed).

Mmm, spicy

Munching: Ginger Altoids — Mmm, spicy

Sipping: Coffee with a cannon ball (that’s more than a splash) of hazelnut creamer … say, why doesn’t anyone call it filbert creamer? Aren’t they the same thing?

Listening to: Turin Brakes, “Ether Song” and Air, “Moon Safari”

Comics thinking of ordering: “The Grey Area,” “Ex Machina,” “The Goon” No. 7 featuring Hellboy, “The Ride,” plus the Star Wars Bossk minibust.

I think I put off getting tickets to EBERT FEST as it starts tonight. Julie and I went for a couple of the films last year and enjoyed it. I knew about it ahead of time this year, but I guess I just procrasitated a little bit and then it crept up on me. The show I wanted to see most was the restored 70mm “Lawrence of Arabia,” with restoration expert Robert Harris among the guests. It will be shown tonight at 7:30. Bummer.

File under handy

Neat, free little service for when you need to send a largish file (up to 50MB) to someone and you’re afraid they may not be able to accept large attachments. The name is a little unfortunate — Dropload — but it could come in handy. LINK HERE

Hot dog

Utini couldn’t sleep well last night. Apparently, he was having trouble with the heat — he kept getting up and jumping off the bed, laying on the floor for a while and being generally restless. Hope he acclimates soon, poor guy.

My sister says her dog has “become a woman” and is now wearing a little diaper just for the occasion. Too bad she can’t get her fixed.

There’s me in the middle, back to the camera. Ultimate went on for several hours, so I’m beat. Ten people showed up, so that was nice. We’ll be losing all the UIS folks in a couple weeks, though, so I hope the college kids coming home for the summer show up soon and are ready to play. The fence went up at the park, so I’m looking for a new place to play.


So I understand both Troy and Prince walked out in the middle of “Jersey Girl.” Coincidence?

Sandwich veggies

Julie just got me going on my usual rant. ((rant)) The amount of lettuce put on fast-food sandwiches is NOTHING like the amount of lettuce shown in the pictures on the menus. All I want is the pictured amount … not double lettuce or extra lettuce. Do I have to ask for the promised amount of lettuce every time I order or wait until I get my sandwich and then point out how little lettuce they have given me? Both seem like unnecessary hastle. Plus, half the time I ask ahead of time, I get charged for extra. And I don’t want extra. I just want my sandwich veggies. I don’t think it is too much to ask. ((end rant))


I’ve been in a routine for the last 4 weeks… I’ve been working in Philadelphia every Monday-Thursday so time has been flying by. I take a taxi from the airport to the hotel downtown, and then walk the block to work everyday. I had to buy a light jacket and umbrella in Philadelphia this week because it rained all week. One nice thing about the travel though is that I’ve had a lot of time in airports/planes, and in evenings, to read. I’ve started a Bible-in-a-year reading plan in addition to reading “Experiencing God”.. both of which which I’m enjoying.

We hosted Easter dinner at our place for our friends from church. Jantina put a lot of work into it making homemade noodles and bunny shaped rolls in addition to turkey, sweet potatoes, and chicken. We had a great time visiting with everyone. This Saturday was gorgeous, we grabbed a bite to eat at Crispers and then had gelato (I decided on coffee flavored with espresso poured on it) at a little cafe that I had not been to before, very yummy.

My employer announced lay-offs a week ago, but I won’t know if I’m affected for a few more weeks. We saw “Second Hand Lions” last night, that was really good. Much better than the last thing I saw (Jersey Girl) where we walked out of the theatre after the first half. Well I gotta run, had to get a post out though, its been a while.