Fun with Web stats

New stats thingy shows that some people came to this site by way of search engines. Here’s some of the strings that led them here:

Ebert Fest blog

Darin Wilmert

Ryan house for sale

kenny blankenship mxc

Kenny Blankenship and Vic Romano

crazy drill (image search)

joe rogan unofficial website (which I assure you we are not)

google images of cushions

couch cushions

mxc orlando show credits

evil fuzzy monkeys

photoshop artwork

beckham dogging texts (huh?)

fuzzy couch

airborne fecal flushing toilet

kids fuzzy pink couch

new cushions for wooden couch

Spongebob Squarepants jpegs

couch cushions

i feel great .movie

good but cheap patio cushions

fuzzy kids couch

And while I was looking, I found that Bill Dennis (up in Peoria) added to his Central Illinois Blogs list at PEORIAPUNDIT.COM Ah, and also on BLOG PEORIA, for which we have a little button which describes us as “Guido and Troy’s group blog.”

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