Ultimate today

Ultimate (Frisbee) at 5:30 p.m. today, Community Park, Jacksonville, Illinois. Come try it out whether you know how to play or not.

Some people have called Ultimate by the name “Frisbee football” or “Ultimate Frisbee.” “Ultimate Frisbee” is not the best name because Frisbee is a trademarked name, like Kleenex, and we don’t actually use a Frisbee brand flying disc, but it is the best one I can think of when trying to explain quickly what Ultimate is. The official disc of the Ultimate Players Association was the 175-gram Discraft Ultrastar. But then again, just “Ultimate” or “Ultimate disc” don’t really give an idea of what you’re talking about, like “Ultimate Frisbee” does.

“Frisbee Football” is not the best name, because there is no contact, as the football might lead you to believe. I understand Ultimate was actually adapted from the rules of Frisbee football, so that is actually a different game.

Ultimate is played in 42 countries, with programs in Sweden, Norway, and Japan receiving government funding. It is estimated that at least 100,000 people play the sport worldwide, about half in the United States.

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