kiss it, kiiiiiiisssssss it

Fine, I’m posting. I don’t have too much to say. I can’t be grouped with Ryan and Brett.

So, I’m home brewing now. I know what you are all saying, more of that disgusting junk. No, I have a real capital investment and kegging capacity. It is easy to do, but the initial investment is high. I have yet to accomplish something in the “light” variety but that is next. My current menu includes a porter and a soon to hatch IPA.

Spring has sprung in St. Paul. The beer gardens are bustling and the grass has returned to a spotty green carpet. I have begun to ride my bike everywhere I can and hope to get the Kyak out soon on the lakes. The back patio is complete ( I believe I left it there last post) and I’m trying to enjoy that. So being outside as much as possible, working with wood and such should keep me busy.

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