Project watch

I stopped by Josh’s class. They have a big public art project that is supposed to be done soon and displayed on campus. One of the groups had run into some problems getting their sculpture to come together as they had envisioned. The materials weren’t working like they had hoped — plaster was too heavy for the structure underneath — and they were trying to come up with a quick solution. I was feeling bad for them. They had put in a good deal of work.

Before I left they did come up with some ideas. I hope it works out for them. I think I’m going to stop by in a bit and see how it is going. Update: They scrapped the huge sculpture and reimagined a smaller version with a concept along the same lines. I’m glad they didn’t totally give up and do nothing.

I also stopped by Crappo’s house to see how his home-improvement stuff is going. He’s having almost the entire foundation tuckpointed and the windows and window sills replaced while they were at it. It looks like they are making a good dent. Crappo’s lawn is getting long and he has yet to get a mower. He says he’s got one scoped out and might be buying it tonight and mowing tomorrow.

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