I’ve been in a routine for the last 4 weeks… I’ve been working in Philadelphia every Monday-Thursday so time has been flying by. I take a taxi from the airport to the hotel downtown, and then walk the block to work everyday. I had to buy a light jacket and umbrella in Philadelphia this week because it rained all week. One nice thing about the travel though is that I’ve had a lot of time in airports/planes, and in evenings, to read. I’ve started a Bible-in-a-year reading plan in addition to reading “Experiencing God”.. both of which which I’m enjoying.

We hosted Easter dinner at our place for our friends from church. Jantina put a lot of work into it making homemade noodles and bunny shaped rolls in addition to turkey, sweet potatoes, and chicken. We had a great time visiting with everyone. This Saturday was gorgeous, we grabbed a bite to eat at Crispers and then had gelato (I decided on coffee flavored with espresso poured on it) at a little cafe that I had not been to before, very yummy.

My employer announced lay-offs a week ago, but I won’t know if I’m affected for a few more weeks. We saw “Second Hand Lions” last night, that was really good. Much better than the last thing I saw (Jersey Girl) where we walked out of the theatre after the first half. Well I gotta run, had to get a post out though, its been a while.

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