Shouldn’t bend that way

I added numbers 11-13 on MY MOVIE LIST. I liked “Dirty Pretty Things” a lot. The fight choreography in “The Rundown” was pretty amazing.

I got J.D. to go to Ultimate with me Thursday night. Figures that he would dislocate his finger the first time out. Luckily, he says he’ll still come out and play again. If he liked playing in heavy winds with a finger that bends the wrong way, he’s sure to love it when things go better … how’s that for looking on the bright side.

Thanks to Jess for encouraging words today while I was trying to get my scanners to work. — The final outcome: I can get the SCSI ScanMaker 4 to work with OSX Panther with a third-party program that I’d have to buy. I also got the Firewire ScanMaker 8700 to work with Panther. I can’t use the photoshop plug-in for either, but at least I can scan.

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