Easter weekend doings

We drove up to visit grandma Strotheide on Sunday. Mom made a ton of food — ham, sweet potatoes, party potatoes, and Julie put the desert and salad together — and we took it up to Flanagan. Then back in Lincoln, dad showed me his new lawnmower and gave me one of his extra hacksaws which I was wanting to use on a downspout or two. We played some board games (me, mom, Julie and Stephanie) last night till around midnight. Games played: “Wit’s End,” “Fact or Crap,” “Cranium,” “Remote Possibilities” and “Trivial Pursuit.”

Today, Julie and I did some shopping in Bloomington. Wish we could have visited Josie, but I didn’t plan that out ahead of time. Got some strange “orange blossom” ale and ginger Altoids at World Market that sounded interesting and picked up a few good chocolate bars. Julie and I tried Blimpie for the first time for lunch — rather good. Nice sourdough, toasted with lots of fixings and some good spices. Yum. It’s a tad more expensive than Subway, but not as much as Quiznos, I think. I told the woman working there that we’d never been before and she gave us some good suggestions.

We’re going to see “Hellboy” in a few minutes, gotta go.

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