What could it mean?

So first I some how win an Island, but it was at the edge of the world. The world was like a sandbox with sand pressed up against the wall at it’s boundary. I took my hand and scraped the sand away from the wall, deeper and deeper, until I came to a green layer. It was like felt, and I continued to clean the sand off until blue felt was revealed. I did this to the length of the wall. and when I finished I had a strip of land, right against the wall on one side, and the ocean on the other.

I’m living on this island in a type of cave. I am supposed to be the only one on it. But one morning, as I leave the cave (to enjoy the view) I find about 30 or so tourists on the beach in lawn chairs, on blankets, playing in the surf. 2 ride up to me on horses. I ask them what they’re doing here. and they seem just as surprised to see me on the island. They seem to act as if they own the place. I ask them what they are doing on my island, that it is supposed to be only for me. They immediately deny that it could be my island, and they start to explain an “urban legend” where a really old and rich man bought the island out of his excessive wealth, but never even visits it because of all of his other possessions. I interrupt him explaining that is nothing more than an urban legend, a myth, that this is my place.

I’m walking on a wooden road that is some sort of very long pier or a “boardwalk” that seems to extend through the water for ever. A station wagon type car is in front of me with one driver and one passenger. Waves come up over the boardwalk periodically, and I see that this is filling the car with water. I tell the people in the car that they should get out and walk like me, because the water rushes off of the road taking the piranha with it, but in the car when the water gets held so do the piranha with it, and they might get bitten. the car continues to drive off to the horizon.

I ‘m still walking on the “boardwalk” and I see land in front of me. I see a Coast Guard boat zoom past me on my left and my eyes follow it as it speeds toward the land. I’m now walking on this boardwalk over the beach (I’ve made it to an Island) and I pass a different parked Coast Guard boat with 2 people on it’s deck sun bathing. I notice that they are very bright red, very burned yet they seem unaware of it and continue soaking up the rays. I pass them and I hear behind me the first Coast Guard Boat pull up to this parked one. I turn back around and walk up to them and overhear them talking about changing shifts (the newly arrived crew of 2 was relieving the well burned crew of 2). I notice that the burned crew are the same people that were in the car that I warned about the piranha earlier, and I’m a bit off guard, I didn’t think I would see them again. I ask the new crew (which are both healthy and in very good shape) how they got the job, and they explain that it was a 4 year commitment they had to study in Illinois before they could be sent to Australia, and that at first it was really exciting, but everyone who was in their class is already burned out and wants to get out. Then the other crew leaves, zooming off to the horizon.

Then I wake up.

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