Put a lid on it

The concept of “aerosolized fecal matter” won’t leave me alone. I saw one of those newsmagazine shows last week with a story on germs and household cleanliness. Part of that story included this concept — which I’d heard before, mind you — and a nice visual which I liken to those demonstrations of how feminine products work by using the strange blue liquid. The basic idea is that when you flush the toilet, some percentage of fecal matter becomes airborne and can get thrown up to 20 feet from the toilet depending on the toilet and other conditions. The expert’s suggestion: put the lid down when you flush. Anyway, like I said, I have heard of this before, but doesn’t “aerosolized fecal matter” have a nice ring to it? OK, not really … but it’s still stuck in my head. … Yes, I said arisolized fecal matter is stuck in my head. Har har. You people make me sick. Grow up already.



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