For crying out loud

Saw “In America” last night at the UIS film series — I’ll be adding it to MY LIST. It was very good. I could hear a lot of people crying at the end. I, on the other hand, was crying silently — just a wee bit.

I got to go on a super-secret Ferris wheel ride yesterday. I shan’t say much about it, except that it is about 55 feet tall and inside this little room, basically just big enough for it to fit inside. So, when you ride it, you get pretty close to the walls, which made it feel like it was going faster than it really was. I’ll post a picture when I get a chance. I have a little video, too. Maybe I’ll put that on here when I get a chance, as well. FERRIS WHEEL VIDEO AVI I think you have to download it to watch it.

I helped my mom get Zipper’s profile up on DOGSTER the other night when we went to pick up the dogs.

I dumped Blogrolling from our page. It was causing a pretty major lag when the site loads. I kept most of the blogs in there, but they are hard coded in the HTML now. Update: Yep, that makes the site load faster and more consistently.

Tried the Yeo’s Sugar Cane Drink tonight. Not so good. Fresh is probably much better.

Second episode of “Wonder Falls” surprised me a little in that it didn’t follow the pattern set up in the first episode as strictly as I imagined it might. Good work, writers. Now keep it up.

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