Rented “Matchstick Men” tonight, as there was nada on TV but reruns. I liked it a lot. A lot. Julie taped the Steven King maxi-series “Kingdom Hospital” and I’ll probably give it another shot, but I didn’t care for the first episode, so I doubt I’m in for the long haul. Something about Steven King TV shows that don’t do it for me. The movies are different for some reason. It can’t just be production values, can it?

I got to work on a fun page at work today … actually it was driving me crazy, but it turned out pretty good, I think. I’ll try to post it, and a pretty decent food page from yesterday, in my Newspagedesigner portfolio. Link’s over to the left.

This project, Radio Vox Populi (LINK HERE) is sooooo messed up, you’ll have to listen to it. Is that like asking someone to try milk that’s gone bad? Anyway, it’s a bunch of blogs that are found and read by a computer and broadcast.

TroySpotting map has been updated, adding White Plains, NY. LINK HERE

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