Monkey pants

I’d never seen this brand before, but I guess it isn’t uncommon. Somebody at work said “You’ve never heard of them?!” So, even if they aren’t unique, these pants were a good find at the thrift store last week. Nice, tough, brown workpants with the bonus of monkies on the buttons. Where does one buy these around here, I wonder.

I started looking at them because of the monkies, but it turns out they are exactly my size. How often does that happen? It was half-price day, to boot. Three cheers for monkey pants.

I believe I shall wear monkey pants (I must always refer to them as monkey pants … or should it be monkeypants?) on the morrow. I wore brown pants today, though. I hope folks don’t think I didn’t change my pants. Or perhaps I should encourage their musings and wear all the brown pants I own in a contiguous fashion.

I did buy a second pair of brown pants at the thrift store the other day. Brushed cotton … ummm, nice. I could wear those Thursday. They’re a little big, but with a belt they’ll be fine.

Ben Davis site.

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