Happenings stream

Well, I am going with some friends from church to see Passion tonight. I’ll be sure to update the movie list upon successful completion.

I wonder if Matt or Ryan will be provoked into posting with their names having the strikethrough on the sub-title 🙂

I think each of them have 1 post … and Brett has yet to post!

I obtained Ninja Gaiden for XBOX this week. I preordered it too early, though. By the time I went to pick it up, they were all out of the little poster incentive thingys (I pre-ordered mine before they had the incentive).

I cleaned out my office closet today. I got rid of a bunch of old employee handbooks and such. The top shelf in my closet looks much better and is no longer a falling hazard.

I am traveling to Tarrytown, NY, on Monday (for work). Never been there before. I’m glad I bought the Magellan 700.

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