Bus chase, AC/DC style

I know I probably have dreams all the time, but I rarely remember them. So, when I remembered one a couple days ago, I was a little excited. Here’s what happened, as best I can now recall:

I pull up to the corner of Fourth Street and (I think) S. Union, right across from the catholic church. On the corner is Brian Johnson, of AC/DC, singing and strutting in place. Now I’m on foot, and I swing a left and then take the first right, down Third Street. As I start down third, I notice a new building at Carroll Catholic School. I’m wearing a bathrobe and running down Third Street and being chased by a school bus. I cut over to First Street and continue running. I’m heading towards my house when a pickup truck comes from the direction I’m facing and slows the already slow bus. It tries to go around the block. The tension builds … I wake up. Shoot.

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