Guido’s movies: 2003

Below, you can find the list of movies that I saw (mostly in 2003) that came out in 2003. In case you wondered, they are in order of how much they grossed (not that I care about that). I saw ’em in the theater unless otherwise noted.

1) LOTR: The Return of the King
2) Finding Nemo (DVD)
3) Pirates of the Caribbean:COTBP
4) The Matrix: Reloaded
5) Bruce Almighty
6) X2: X-Men United
7) Elf
8) Hulk
9) Freaky Friday (DVD)
10) The Italian Job (DVD)
11) Daredevil
12) Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle (DVD)
13) School of Rock
14) Old School (DVD)
15) Holes
16) League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
17) Shanghai Knights (DVD)
18) Identity (DVD)
19) Underworld
20) 28 Days Later
21) Lost in Translation
22) Bend it Like Beckham (DVD)
23) Bulletproof Monk (DVD)
24) The Medallion (DVD)
25) Whale Rider (DVD)
26) A Mighty Wind (DVD)
27) Winged Migration
28) Swimming Pool (DVD)

Maybe I can keep track as I watch ’em this year.

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