Filtered for consumption

Jantina and I hosted Home Team Friday night. We served Mexican Shells / tacos & chips, though overwhelmingly the beverage of choice was water. In case you were unaware, the water in the Orlando area has a pretty strong taste to it, kind of sulfuric. Well, we typically buy one of those 2.5 gallon dispensers of water. We usually fill a pitcher from the dispenser and keep it chilled in the fridge. Well, we went through the pitcher pretty fast and I refilled it a couple times but distributed its contents to my friends well before it became cold. Of all the amenities to run short on… water? I was perplexed and thought next time we would need to have 5 gallons on hand. This was until, on Sunday night, Jim and Jenn told us the wonders of the pur water system. They explained that it was easy to install and the filter needs replaced every-other month or so. That sounded like a much better strategy to me. We acquired the pur filter and installed it in minutes! It is drinkable and I no longer have anxiety providing water to my guests.

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