Halo 3 vs me

Last night Jim and Jenn came over! We ate, visited, my wife interrogated them with a personality test, but eventually we migrated to the couch and played some Halo. We tried to set the teams up fairly, so it was 3 vs me. The first few rounds, the four of us shared the living room TV. After a while, I noticed my opponents sneaking peaks at my portion of the screen and determining my location. At risk of alienating our guests, I retreated to the XBOX in my office / “game room” to have a screen away from the prying eyes of my opposition. They did continue to claim victory though we ended the evening on a very significant win for me with a 5 -0 win. he he he. We had a blast, it was nice to actually be home after work to do an evening activity like that. I took that luxury for granted before this high travel job I have now.

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