Grumpy old man

We picked up Zipper from my parents’ house last night and brought him back to our house for a three-week stay. I think it’s gonna be a long three weeks. Today went OK, but for some reason I went on a cleaning kick and ended up only getting 2 1/2 hours of sleep last night. … Midnight update: The lack of sleep took its toll on me in the end today, but Zippy did pretty good overall. He slept most of the day, which I am generally in favor of. He is pretty much blind, so since he’s not in his home, he kind of wanders around getting himself lost when he is awake. Heck, he gets lost sometimes when he is at home. I still can’t imagine three weeks of days like this.

It got so cold the last couple days and it dried out so much that I succumbed to the urge for lotion. I thought my sides were going to split open, and I don’t mean from laughter. And I actually dug out the humidifier a few minutes ago.

I posted tomorrow’s Fling page in my newspage designer portfolio. I did the illustration with my new Wacom tablet on Tuesday. I accidentally drew it really small, so I had to do it a second time so we could run it nice an big.

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