Home now, relaxing after the holidays

We went to Lincoln for the Holidays and had a very full week. We just returned to Orlando last night in time to go to a Birthday/New Year’s Eve party at Jim & Jenn’s place (from our cool home team). It was Jim’s birthday and the group had a surprise party for him while celebrating the new year. I stayed up way too late but had a great time seeing everyone we missed while away in Lincoln.

While we were in Lincoln though, I was able to catch up with Brett and Sally on Sunday. Everyone is doing well. Brett and Sally are settling into married life and both continue working at the Marc center. Hunter is growing and my nephews had a blast playing with him during out visit.

Earlier in the week, I had a successful gaming day at David’s with Darin and Travis. Travis and I arrived at David’s place at 6:30 in the morning and started playing the computer version of Halo, followed by Unreal Tournament 2003, and then several rounds of Total Annihilation. It was a good day for the Lowes… Travis and I won overall (even in TA surprisingly). We ate a lot of junk food and drank way too much coffee. I was jittery for the rest of the day and felt somewhat queasy until the next morning. The combination of “food” (choco-dominos and pizza), caffeine (2 cups each of 3 types of coffee), and 1st person shooters definitely did a number on my well-being 🙂

My parents bought a 17″ iMac for Christmas! I helped them get acclimated to the new OS and I think it was everyone’s favorite gift this year. I received several new xbox games, a learning remote, some nostalgic “Ghostbusters” swag, gift certificates, a journal, dvds, mac software… lots of great stuff 🙂

It seemed like a really short trip, I didn’t get to catch up with a lot of people I had intended to unfortunately. I hope to have more time next time I visit… maybe in the summer when things are a bit slower.

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