Happenings … mostly slack angst

Feels like we have a lot we want to accomplish this weekend.

I just got back from Charlotte, N.C., (work assignment) on Wednesday. The plane was late, I didnt get any real food, then stayed up getting my expense reports and other paperwork done before going to bed … that way I didn’t feel bad about sleeping in a bit.

Got up late Thursday, but that night we went to Epcot to see the Candlelight Precessional (one of our favorite holiday activities in the area).

Tonight we go to Home Team at Jim and Jenn’s. Hopefully we can talk someone into going to see “Return of the King” with us tonight (it would be a late night since Home Team starts at 7:30 and I think Jim works on Saturday mornings … so that may not work out).

Then, sometime this weekend, we need to make some returns. For example, these jeans I bought for myself … really weird … all of these jeans that I tried on, identically labeled waist and length among pairs, yet DRAMATICALLY different in physical characteristics! Is this the kind of craftsmanship our off-shore money-saving labor provides? Some of these jeans are a good 2 inches longer than others, even though they are the same style, brand, and labeled size! (I was only trying on 1 pair of each style/size/brand and once I found one I liked, I bought 2 pair, but they were not the same) Moral: Try on everything you purchase. Do not trust the labels (grrr … I hate trying on clothing).

I don’t think I have any more assignments before the holidays. The only thing I have lined up currently is a class for after New Year’s. Oh, I did pick up Halo for the Mac. It runs pretty well on my Powerbook and I love being able to have multi-player Halo on the road!!

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