View of the Illinois River

Here’s the beautiful view of the Illinois River as seen from my living room. Maybe it’s the family room. I’m not sure what it should be called.

I was given this painting, Monday, mostly for work on the artist’s website []. Larry, the artist, and his wife Marilyn had us over for snacks, drinks, dinner, music, chatting, etc. Larry pointed Julie and I at a room full of paintings and told us to choose one. Difficult. He then rounded up a nice maple frame and put in on and everything. Then I broke a wine glass walking the painting through the house. Damn the pant cuff!

I don’t think the painting has a title. It’s 28″ x 48″ and oil on canvas.

This photo isn’t the best, but I couldn’t get the camera when I had natural light available. Natural light is so much nicer. And the flash was giving me fits.

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