Too P.C., or not too P.C.

A local man said, in a letter to the editor this week, that he objected to the the word “crippled” used in a story recently. The exact phrase used, as part of a list of those injured in the automobile accident, was, “… a 16-year-old girl was permanently crippled …” in the accident, and the story explained later that she remains a paraplegic. Read the whole column on the subject at The Journal-Courier Website and take the little poll there, too.

OK, the poll is gone from the Journal-Courier site now, but here were the questions:

(Questions 1-4 rate from 0-5 with 0 being “not at all” and 5 being “very”; question 5 is a yes and no.)
1) The sentence, “She is a cripple,” is insulting.
2) The sentence, “She was crippled in an automobile accident,” is insulting.
3) The phrase “hearing impaired” is insulting.
4) The consensus of people with certain qualities or attributes (among them race, gender, religion or disabilities) should be the major factor in deciding which words and images should be used about those qualities.
5) I have such an attribute (race, gender, religion, disabilities, etc.).

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